Friday, 22 June 2012

Social Experiment Number 8

The question is: What's your favourite music genre?

A: I suppose I would say classic
B: Indie slash rock
C: I don't really have one
D: A bit of everything, just not heavy metal
E: Heavy metal
F: Do you even have to ask?! Pop. Like, chart. Or country rock. Like, soft rock
G: Folk slash Indie
H: Alternative
I: Um, I guess it's kind of like rock or pop. It's pretty varied actually. I don't really stick to one one genre
J: No, just normal. Casual. You know what I mean

(*For the record, I have NO IDEA what person J means by 'casual' music*)

I don't really have a favourite music genre. I like pretty much anything, apart from screamy music. How about you? Tell me your fave genre in the comments! I'll leave you to enjoy this random gif. The face actually kind of scares me...

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