Saturday, 23 June 2012

How I Spent My Saturday Evening

I started to write this blog post. I'm getting changed to go out - we're going to go see the Olympic Torch. It's in Manchester today. I've already seen one of the torches, because this guy who goes to my school brought one in, but my dad really wants to go. Listening to music is getting me in the mood for the whole thing.

I've FINALLY decided what I'm gonna wear, after about a dozen outfit changes. I might go downstairs and play on the piano for a while before we go out.


We just got back. We didn't stay in Town all that time. We saw the Torch and then went bowling, which I lost with an amazing score of 64. I don't know what happened! It was very humiliating.

I'm gonna tell you about the Torch.

First, let me share a very important life lesson. Never wear heels when you're going to be walking for more than a minute. It KILLS. My feet hurt so much. I told my dad that he should become a woman for the day and wear heels just so he knows how it feels. But, then again, I'm not really sure I want him to follow my advice - seeing your dad as a drag queen would be just a leeeetle weird, don't you think?

Okay, so the torch.

We got to the place where the guy was gonna run with the torch. A load of vans paraded past us - there was a lot of product placement going on, as you can see in the pic below.

Then we had to wait for a few minutes. A load of policemen on motorbikes came riding past (hey, did you know that the police have twitter? I saw it on a car), then we finally got a look at the torch. The guy stopped right next to us. Perfect photo op, right?

We then walked further down the road, where the crowds were a lot bigger. There was a platform that the guy went on to. He was met by another guy - Lee something-or-other. He's apparently big in Japan. So the torches kissed and passed on the flame. Sorry for the awful pic, the red thing was in the way. The picture would have been even worse if my dad hadn't moved the barrier and went into the VIP section. This woman gave us the evils when we were trying to squeeze in, but whatever. We got a better view than her - who's laughing now, mean woman?

And that's how I spent my Saturday evening. How did you spend yours? Tell me in the comments.

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